I try write my life and my experience in English language by that i know little English language. So please pardon me if i write tense or vocabulary or plant word or meaning are mistake. I hope some people who read my story will understand some conner of Buddhism and understand one life who faith and proceed of he's life in Buddhism. This is first time that i try write story in English language finish by that i am not understand listen in English language. I never add study for speake or listen English language in school or outside of school. So i remember little vocabbulary and use little English language in my life. I write this story finish becase i use dictionary thai - English (LEXiTRON Dictionary) in my computer which i download from internet.

              1. My life in childhood

              2. My life in university

              3. First time of my life do systematic meditation

              4. I become a monk

              5. Leave the Buddhist monkhood and do meditation again

              6. I change to Buddhist diety (Pra Potisut)

              7. I prove that i am sure Buddhist diety or not by do meditation for prove.

              Meditation for Maha-satipatthana Sutta

              Meditation for in-&-out breathing (anapanasati)

              Paticca-samuppada-vibhanga Sutta (Analysis of Dependent Co-arising)