All thing should is born from the cause , the thing that happen all all should switch off naturally
Buddha teaches the dharma down to , about [ story ] be distressful , and the end of the suffering
     Then should not persist in until the ego









            A pillar of the end of the suffering is , religious precept , concentration , intellect  , 

   Religious precept, there is practice line for example, , 5,8,10,227 religious precepts are ,

   Concentration , there is practice line is , train 40 both of stack meditations , but , Lord shape Buddha praises , Hanapanasati (be conscious inhale exhale) , and , Promvihar 4 (1. be kind-hearted , 2. the mind helps , 3. the mind is glad , 4. the mind ignores ) , keep a lot of ,


    Intellect , there is practice pillar line is , 4 base senses and the path have eight , natural important law in the Buddhism is , character three , for example , 1. the uncertainty ( , impermanent ) 2. , be distressful (durable can't stay) 3. do not be formed permanent self ( , persist can't persist in ) , dharma veracity will that the intellect understands thoroughly to are , Arriyasut 4 for example , 1.distressful 2.cause is distressful 3.the extinguish one's sorrows 4.the way extinguishes one's sorrows      

            Topmost aim of the Buddhism is, Nippran (be calm the peace and don't be born again, Because, when, be born should worried stay often)  

                                  The dharma and experience history and the analysis of me

The practice and the dharma at the beginning

 Chapter the dharma and a speech  


My story in English language  

   Meditation for Maha-satipatthana Sutta
   Meditation for in-&-out breathing
   Paticca-samuppada-vibhanga Sutta   
(Analysis of Dependent Co-arising)


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